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The GPC method.

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Features of our filters

EN 15695 standard applies to cabins of agricultural and forestry machinery and self-propelled sprayers.
Its aim is to limit operator exposure to hazardous substances in the dispersion of Plant Protection Products (PPPs) and fertiliser liquids.

On this basis, 3 categories of cabins are defined, with corresponding requirements for air filters and test procedures.


Cabin filters

Category 2 cabin air filters offer high efficiency and dust holding capacity, even during long periods of use.
At the same time, they maintain low pressure drop values, thus ensuring a long filter life and high energy efficiency of the vehicle ventilation system.

Cabin filters

Category 3 cabin air filters extend the performance range to include the finest droplets and particulate aerosols.
This is made possible by an additional high-efficiency particulate filter stage.

Cabin filters

Category 4 cabin air filters feature a multi-stage filter system, which adds a layer of high-performance activated carbon in the final stage of the filter.
These highly efficient filters are also capable of blocking vaporous contaminants that can be harmful to the operator’s health.

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