Our Organisation

Technical Department

Our job is to design and develop the product in full compliance with our customers’ needs.
Our distinctive quality is also made possible by the speed and efficiency of our service.
Contact our technical department for:
• Geometrical characteristics
• Filter performance
• Designs and data sheets
• Customised filters for different sectors

Sales Department

Product knowledge and customer relations are the strengths of our sales department, allowing us to create real partnerships with our customers.
Contact our sales department for:
• General information
• Submission of in-depth technical material
• Requests for quotes
• Customised prototyping

Customer / Logistics Department

Quality in the product but also in the service.
These are the characteristics that have enabled our company to expand into foreign markets while maintaining strong relationships with our customers.
Contact our customer/logistics department for:
• Order tracking
• Confirmation of shipping dates
• Organising transport
• Invoicing and payment