Our brand has been present in the European and international market for 30 years.

Our Values

Quality, Innovation, Reliability, Experience

manufacturing of made-in-Italy products
different types of filters


We want to ensure the safety of the operators in the cabin.
That is why we place the utmost care and attention in both the design and production of our filters.


Filter media

We have a wide range of filter media (cellulose blend, light, medium and heavy synthetics, PTFE membrane) researched and selected to meet different filtration requirements and to ensure the performance, quality and durability you need.

Plastic and Aluminium

A wide range of frames in different widths and thicknesses to meet the specific application requirements of the automotive sector..

Active Carbon

Produced from special synthetic precursors or hydrocarbon distillates with high boiling points, activated carbon meets the highest requirements in terms of purity and stability..


Thanks to their perfect water and dust tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation capacity, and anti-vibration performance, the gaskets are very versatile and can be applied differently for different sectors.